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Opening Act
Noble Creatures
Luis Narino — Marcos Mora – David Bowman – Alex Romero — Brina Simon – Ruben Salinas – Evan Mackey
Noble Creatures, with their for a long time,” said Salinas, who said.
multi-cultural sounds of Colombia, the Caribbe- an islands and Africa set
upon a foundation of rock and urban music, returns to Libbey Bowl for the first time since 2011.
“We actually were the first band to christen the new Bowl,” said Ruben Salinas, Ojai native and Noble Crea- tures sax player. “They literally cut the tape and we started to play.”
Opening for Ozomatli “is some- thing that has been on our minds
believes their sounds, particularly the Latin influences, are similar. “It's kind of showing the guys
from Ozomatli, 'guys, we really re- spect your music,'” he said.
Salinas is currently on tour with Eric Burdon, and is making the trip back to the Bowl just for the June 18 gig.
“June 17, I'm playing with the Ani- mals in Jacksonville, Oregon, and the next morning, the trombone player and I are flying to Santa Barbara,” he
After the playing the Bowl, Salinas will leave the Creatures once again for the Animals, for a gig June 19 in Pleasanton.
Fans of the Ojai music scene may remember Noble Creatures from their residency at the Jester or their gigs at The Hub.
“I am super excited and ecstatic about this,” said Salinas. “It's going to be a good return to playing in the Bowl.”
— Andra Belknap
Photo by Farah Sosa

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