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A little Q&A
Rick Spring eld
Q: You've had distinguished careers as musician and actor alike. Is the creative process different for each, or do the two result from the same inventive drive?
A: They de nitely come from the same place in me. I feel all the arts are connected. I know lots of actors who are also musicians or painters or writers. They are all different disciplines but in- terconnected in that they are nebulous careers and I guess take a certain temperament to be involved in any of them.
Q: Between music and acting, do you prefer one to the other? A: I like acting better when I’m acting and music better when I’m
Q: Rocket Science, your 18th studio album, was released earlier this year. Do you have another album in mind for 2017?
A: It's possible, but I have a lot of other stuff I want to do too. I’m sure there will be new music in 2017, just not sure from what place. The way music is released now is so different. I have a friend, John 5, who is releasing his new album a song and a

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