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video per month. Someone else I know is putting out a series of EP’s. Lot of options.
Q: In 2015, you starred opposite Meryl Streep in the feature  lm “Ricki and the Flash” and appeared in season two of HBO’s “True Detective.” Are there any new acting roles on the horizon?
A: I just  nished a movie called Traces that’s out soon, and we are reading stuff now looking for the next big thing.
You also have a pair of books to your credit as Q: a writer: the best-selling memoir, Late, Late at
Q: When you are writing a song or a group of songs, what are the typical working days like?
A: I don’t write 9 to 5 — I just write when I get an idea I like. I wish I was more proli c, but I’ll take what I can get.
Q: When you're in need of rest and relaxation, what's your favorite place for getting away from it all?
A: My home. Its such a great hang. My wife is a chef and it gets pretty good in the kitchen.
Night (2010) and the novel, Magni cent Vibra- Q: tion (2014). Is there another literary project in the
works for the near future?
What music have you been listening to these days?
A: Yes, I write all the time. I have a couple of book ideas and scripts and other stuff, but its all bullshit until it gets a green light.
A: The 1975, Cream, Small Faces, Porcupine Tree, Mute Math. Lots of great music and more coming all the time. Music is nourish- ment for the soul. It’s a good gig.
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