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energy take on a life of its own. Beginning with the “If That's What It Takes” album in 1982, his work reflects a steady refinement of pop, rock, R&B and jazz motifs into a solid, distinctive style of his own. A string of hits have appeared along the way, including “Sweet Freedom,” “On My Own,” and the
Grammy-winning “Yah Mo B There.”
In this century, McDonald's two Motown albums earned platinum and gold, as well as a highly acclaimed, best-selling Christmas
Through the Years:
A Michael McDonald
Studio Discography
If That's What It Takes (1982) No Lookin' Back (1985) Take It to Heart (1990) Blink of an Eye (1993) Blue Obsession (2000) Motown (2003) Motown Two (2004) Soul Speak (2008)

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