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BEST of the OJAI VALLEY 2017 13
Majestic Oak Vineyards
321 E. Ojai Ave. – Downstairs
First off I would like to thank everyone who
voted for us as the best travel agency in the val-
ley. We appreciate this very much.
You know we hear all the time, “Do people
really use travel agents anymore?” Thanks to all
of you, the answer is yes. I find it more and
more often being said to me that arrangements
are so confusing, and there is so much information
there that they want to have someone to talk to – someone who understands the industry.
As a travel consultant I plan and sell peoples dreams! It is that realization that has sustained my agency’s level of dedication and expertise. My staff is small, but we will do all that we can to take your dreams and make them a real- ity. Whatever type of travel you are need-
ing, from the trip around the world, to a
hotel stay up the coast, Kelsey and I are
here to take care of it all.
Sheri Gibson, owner Topa Topa Travel
“Give us a call and let us make your dreams come true.”
805 646-0155
206 N Signal Street, Suite K
Favorite “wine list”
1st - Ojai Beverage Company 2nd - Suzanne’s Cuisine 3rd - The Vine
Favorite “wine tasting room” 1st - Topa Mountain Winery 2nd - Majestic Oak
3rd - The Ojai Vineyard

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