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38 BEST of the OJAI VALLEY 2017 Green Goddess Gardens A Landscape Company (805) 640-1827
Thank You, Ojai! Thank you for choosing Green Goddess Gardens as your favorite Landscape Company for 2017
We hope to continue to impress and surpass your expectations of us in the years to come!
We are all concerned about our water situation, and want to say that we are ready to implement the solutions to help the Ojai Community continue to have beautiful gardens.
History has shown us that Southern California experiences drought cyclically. Mother Nature has already formulated the type of gardens that can survive this climate. Now is our chance to switch from gardens that originated in the East to ones that are appropriate and sustainable in Southern California.
It is possible to have a vibrant, colorful, aromatic garden that falls within the water restrictions that we now face. Let us start a revolution! Let’s make Ojai the poster child of what other Southern California towns can have! The sooner we change over, the less water will be wasted and the survival of ourselves and our gardens will be ensured.
Love and Light to all who dwell in this blessed Valley!
— Jessica Thompson and the Crew from Green Goddess Gardens, Inc.
Favorite “landscape company”
1st - Green Goddess Gardens
2nd - Lisa Phelps Irrigation & Landscaping Tie 3rd - Daley Landscape & Haney Landscape
Favorite local “law firm” 1st - Waite, Jacobs & Atkinson 2nd - Blatz Law Firm (Paul) 3rd - Jeff Loebl
Favorite “locksmith”
1st - Martin’s Ojai Locksmith 2nd - Norm’s Locksmith
Voted Best of the Ojai Valley for 11 years & this year Runner-Up! Thank you Ojai for all your support.
- Free Consultations
- Lawn Conversions
- Drought Tolerant Renovations
- Irrigation Evaluations & Repairs - Landscape Design & Installation - Irrigation Design & Installation
- Flagstone & Custom Rock Work
- Custom Water Features & Fountains - Lighting Design & Installation
- Vegetable Gardens, Vineyards
- Grading, Drainage, Slopes
- Estate Maintenance

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