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Small-town residents can give back in many ways
Giving back to one’s community is a great way for men and women to make use of their talents and foster strong towns and cities. Volunteering opportunities abound in big cities, but small town residents may
not have as many options as they look for ways to give back. Small town residents looking to give back may need to cre- ate their own opportunities if the options available to them do
not suit their fancies.
• Contact local schools. Teachers, afterschool caregivers and coaches can always use some helping hands. Contact local schools to determine if there is any way to help out. Prospec- tive volunteers might be able to read to young children, serve as assistant coaches for youngsters’ sports teams or even help tend to playing fields. Small town school budgets tend to be stretched thin, so chances are local educators will welcome citizens looking to pitch in with open arms.
• Start a program through your place of employment. Anoth- er way for small town residents to give back to their commu- nities is to begin a mentoring or internship program through their places of employment. Once their employers give the go-ahead, men and women can begin working with local high
Being charitable is positively beneficial
eing charitable is rewarding, not they were provided activated pleasure working with a nonprofit group can only to those on the receiving centers in the brain. Doing something create opportunities to meet new peo- end of others’ good deeds but positive can be uplifting, and being ple, socialize and be surrounded with also for those doing the giving. charitable helps others in need. like-minded individuals. It also may
Research conducted by the National Quite often people who engage help adults serve as role models to Institutes of Health found participants in charitable works find inspiration youngsters. Children who see their par- who chose to donate a portion of money through their efforts. That’s because ents or other adults being charitable
schools and/or colleges to develop programs that encourage youngsters to gain professional experience that can benefit them as they apply to college or graduate school or prepare to begin their own careers.
• Start a volunteering group. Small town residents without much access to volunteering programs can organize groups through their offices or neighborhoods. Organize groups will- ing to pitch in with charities such as Habitat for Humanity®. Group leaders can arrange transportation to work sites for members of the group while working as liaisons between their community groups and the organizations they choose to work with.
• Work with area hospitals. Similar to school districts, many hospitals would struggle to meet their missions of providing compassionate care if not for the contributions of volunteers. Contact area hospitals to learn about volunteering. Some may need volunteers to read to sick children, while others may need help keeping elderly patients company.
Small town residents may not have a wealth of volunteer- ing opportunities at their disposal. But with a little creativity, such men and women can still give back to their communities.

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