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may be more likely to be philanthropic when they grow up. Every little bit counts when being charitable. Philan- thropy doesn’t mean donating thousands of dollars or lots of hours volunteering. The following are some relatively
easy ways to incorporate charity into one’s life.
• Collect change: Place a coin jar near where you put your keys or wallet when entering the house. Empty loose change into the jar and watch it fill up. Use the collected funds to donate to a charitable group.
• Round up: When the grocery store checkout clerk asks if you want to round up your purchase to the nearest dollar for charity, opt in.
• Become a leader: Volunteer your time as a scout troop leader, coach a sports team or offer free tutoring for stu- dents. You’ll be making an immediate difference in the lives of young people.
• Charitable consumption: Buy from companies that are involved with cause-related products. Many products are tied to charitable efforts, with a portion of money going di- rectly to nonprofits.
• Throw a party: Host a party with a philanthropic theme. Guests can arrive and make a donation or bring a gift that will go to a charitable cause.
• Use your hobby: Participate in charity fundraisers that incorporate some of your favorite hobbies. For those who knit or craft, donate or sell your creations for the good of those in need.
Being charitable is easier than one might think, and even the smallest efforts can produce big results.
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