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Animals have been show to positively impact a child’s physical and emotional development.
children who were exposed to two or more dogs or cats as babies were less than half as likely to develop common allergies as kids who had no pets in the home.
Pets also may foster social interactions, which can benefit children who are shy. Inviting others over to meet pets can help children make friends and find others with similar interests. Children may also confide in pets and develop their self-esteem.
Studies have indicated that the type of pet a family has, whether it’s horses, dogs, snakes, etc., does not matter, as all companion animals have the potential to benefit children.
Ojai Village Veterinary Hospital
February is Dental Month Receive $50 off any dental cleaning for cats and dogs.
311 West Ojai Avenue Ojai, CA 93023 Phone: (805) 646-3111Fax: (805) 646-3121
On Sunday, January 28, from 2-4:30pm, The Ojai Retreat invites everyone who would like to share their stories about the fires with the community. All stories will be welcome, from tragic ones to uplifting ones. Also stories of mutual support, spontaneous help and empathy can be shared. This will also be a moment of restoring our minds and of healing. A music therapist from Ventura, Jab, MM, MT-BC, will be playing uplifting and healing music during the event. Jab played his special music at various places during the fires. There will also be an emotional healer present during this event. Please join us for this special community event at 2pm on Sunday January 28 at The Ojai Retreat. Refreshments will be served. This event is free. Donations are welcome to cover expenses. The Ojai Retreat is located at 160 Besant Road, Ojai, CA 93023. Registration is mandatory, please sign up at or call (805) 646-2536.
Number of participants limited to 75
For details, dates, and pricing please contact (805) 646-2536

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