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Although it’s still called the Ojai Valley Visitors Guide, this issue proves again that you can’t judge a magazine by it’s cover.
Our talented group of writers have put together an issue that will be as informative for visitors as it is for locals.
As the Ojai Valley struggles under an oppressive drought, we thought it important to give both locals and visitors a sense of what that could mean in the future. Our wonderful cover shot features Grant and Emmy Wilde, Ojai natives who will likely live in a very di erent Ojai as adults.  e onslaught of agricultural pests, that target our once-dominant citrus industry, has local farmers looking for alternatives. Reporter Nao Braverman’s look at the state of agricultural heritage, starting on page 14, will have you wondering if the enchant- ing smell of citrus blossoms  lling the valley might soon be just a memory.
Although not as aromatic as citrus, grapes are one crop making a toe-hold in the valley. On page 60, Andra Belknap and Bill Warner take a look at how wine — and the tasting rooms where it is served — is changing the face of valley agriculture and tourism. In a great pairing with that story, chef Randy Graham took six local wines and created recipes for each that you can make at home.
From the future to the past, Perry Van Houten continues his look at the 100th anniversary of Ojai and the iconic landmarks that made it what it is today. His look at how the post o ce tower came to be starts on page 104.
We also have our share of stories that typify Ojai. You won’t want to miss Andra Belknap’s look at our group of persistent
protestors who haven’t missed a week in 12 years.  at
begins on page 128.
Finally, on page 154, Bill Warner gives a glimpse into a homegrown institution that is becoming a tour de force in the movie industry —  e Ojai Film Festival.
So, no matter where you live, I invite you to pop
open a bottle of your favorite beverage and settle in for
an informative, yet still entertaining look at this place everyone loves to call home.
Tim Dewar —
Contributing writers
Andra Belknap Mel Bloom Nao Braverman Randy Graham Perry Van Houten Bill Warner
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Grant and Emmy grace the cover of this issue of the Ojai Valley Visitor’s Guide, courtesy of father, Erik Wilde, and grandfather, Larry Wilde.
Photo by Brandi Ajah — Fancy Free Photography

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