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Ojai VallGey
Time flies when you are having fun and we sure had fun doing everything we needed to do to bring you every page in this issue. We hope time will fly for you while you are enjoying every page as well.
First, I want to give a shout-out to the terrific advertisers who make it possible to provide this magazine at no charge to our read- ers. If you enjoy reading it, then please let the advertisers in the magazine know that you appreciate that they support our efforts. We truly couldn’t do it without them, unless we charged you like $250 per magazine and as valuable as we know it is to you, that might be a hard sell.
The growth we are seeing in the number of advertisers who want to be in the book and how quickly we are running out of magazines (all 23,000 copies of the summer issue were gone by Aug. 11 — five weeks before this issue came out) tells us our efforts are paying off.
Our terrific writers and photographers have outdone themselves for this issue. Whether you have lived here your whole life or are just here for the day, I know you will find several interesting articles.
Perry Van Houten kicks things off by telling you about a few local hikes that will give you a taste of the fall color change. He also gives you a glimpse into the life of George Stuart, the longtime Ojai resident who brings history to life through an immense collection of handmade historic figures (they are not dolls!). Finally, Perry looks at the long history of the olive oil industry in the Ojai Valley and why it is particularly suited to this area.
Andra Belknap helps you future brides out there (or those look- ing to host a special occasion event of any kind) with her article on various wedding venues that can be found in the Ojai Valley. Wed- dings aren’t relegated to churches anymore and the options available here are worth investigating. While art and artists are important to the Ojai Valley, their works aren’t confined to studios. Public art abounds and Andra tells you where to go to find some of the best examples.
Bill Warner has you covered on a couple of fronts as well. What once was a necessary survival skill, quilting is becoming a social activity with a philanthropic bent. Bill looks into what’s happening in the local quilting scene. We didn’t have to twist his arm to get him to profile the local beer scene either. He tells you why local brewer- ies are becoming so popular and where you can go to try them for yourself.
As always, chef Randy Graham shares some of his favorite recipes — this time piggybacking on Bill’s beer article.
Those are just some of the articles you will find inside, so stop wasting time reading what I have to say and jump into the fun stuff throughout this edition. That’s what it is there for.
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