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But you don’t need to venture far into the mountains to observe wild-
life.“The animals like to live where we like to live, so most of the ani- mals, surprisingly, are here in the val- ley bottom,” Vincent noted. “As far as numbers of species, it gets more limited as you go into the mountains because of the lack of diverse habitat for them to choose from.”
Herds of black-tailed deer thrive in the valley’s oak woodlands, where acorns for forage are plentiful.
“The deer herds around this val- ley!” Vincent exclaimed. “There are probably more mountain lions in this valley than in the Sespe Wilderness, I would bet money.”
A rare and breathtaking sight to behold, the mountain lion tends to keep to itself and avoids humans.
Another feline, the bobcat, resem- bles an overgrown tabby cat with
If you want to know what else a bear does in the woods, just keep your eyes open and you might find out.
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MATILIJA STREET - From Montgomery to Cañada streets
Walk-Ins Welcome
Chair Body Foot Massage
$21 for 30 minutes
$26 for 40 minutes
$35 for 60 minutes (or combination Massage)
OPEN 7 DAYS Wed-Mon 10am-10pm Tues 11a,-8pm
323 E Matilija Street, Suite 112 • Ojai CA 93023 805-320-1166
Photo by Rick Humphrey

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