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Although mountain lion sightings aren’t common, they do happen with some regularity. This cat was spotted in a back- yard in Upper Ojai.
stubby tail. It can cover 50 miles in a day while hunting for small mammals and birds.
The canine family is represented in part by the coyote.
A common sight in the Ojai
Valley up until several years ago, the coyote also could be heard, howling its plaintive songs late at night.
The coyote population crashed in 2013 and 2014 due to canine parvovi- rus and has yet to recover.
“They’re slow to rebound,” Vincent said, “we used to see them almost daily.”
Another member of the canine family, the gray fox, makes its den between boulders or in hollow logs. A small fox with a handsome gray, white and rust-colored coat and bushy tail, it preys on rabbits and oth- er small mammals, along with birds and their eggs.
The only canine in North Ameri- ca that can climb trees, the gray fox is mainly nocturnal and very shy.
How can one spot such a secre- tive animal?
“Just being observant, looking for movement and training yourself
A gray fox sits at the edge of a hiking trail.
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Photo by Bardley Smith
Photo by Fred Rothenberg

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