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Although not the most attractive bird on the fence, turkey vultures play an important role in the valley eco-system.
Identifying the leavings of animals, otherwise known as scat, can also provide useful information.
“A bobcat will bury his, so good luck with that. But coyotes you can tell, raccoons you can tell, wood rats you can tell.”
When you're in the woods, Vincent said, soak in your surround- ings and be curious about what's around you.
“Be thankful for every encounter you have and don't worry about any of the animals, unless it's a mom with cubs in the spring, you pretty much don't have anything to worry about.”
Western fence lizards are fond of drier, more open areas.
A bald eagle sits in a tree at Lake Casitas.
Photo by Perry Van Houten
Photo by Perry Van Houten Photo by Perry Van Houten

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