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Every three months, I have the privilege of introducing you to our latest effort and every issue I think we are going to have a hard time topping the last one. This time is no exception.
Whether you are visiting for the first time (what took you so long) or have lived here forever, we hope you will get a new appre- ciation for this magnificent place a few of us are fortunate to call home.
This time of year not only brings a chill to the air, there is a decidedly pink tinge when the sun hangs low. Andra Belknap tells us everything we always wanted to know about our pink moments (they happen at sunrise as well).
She also investigates Ojai’s love affair with the written word and why bookstores and reading rooms are still happening places in the Ojai Valley.
Finally, Andra takes a look at the importance pottery has played in the history of the valley and how those influences of the past are shaping the renewed interest we have in the art form today.
Not to be outdone, Perry Van Houten takes a cue from our readers who voted in our annual Ojai Valley News Best of the Ojai Valley contest and visits a few of the places that earned honors in this year’s contest for having the best breakfasts in the valley.
To work off all that food, Perry takes us on a wildlife adven- ture and tells us about many of the interesting critters that call the Ojai Valley home, including black bears (yes, we get several each year that take a stroll through the downtown area), mountain lions, coyotes, snakes, lizards and deer. He took this issue’s cover shot less than a mile from downtown Ojai.
Finally, Perry talks to some of our longtime farmers to get a sense of where they think the future of the valley’s agriculture in- dustry is headed. Our farmers have battled drought, floods, pests and more, but perhaps the more persistent challenge for many is time. As many contemplate retirement, will there be younger farmers ready to take up the reins and continue their legacy?
As always, chef Randy Graham lends his culinary expertise. This time he explores everyone’s favorite — the pizza, and why he considers it one of the ultimate party foods.
And if that wasn’t enough, I profile an Ojai Valley man who has made his mark in the music industry — not by making music, but by making instruments. Come with me as I take a look inside the school that teaches people (including many who can’t play
a note) to make their own violin using 17th-century
methods. It’s definitely not for those type A personali-
ties who need immediate gratification.
So, having said all that, kick off your shoes, cozy up in your favorite comfy chair and devote some time to the written word. It’s what we do here in Ojai.
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