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As the sun sets in the winter months, the light reflects off the mountains creating both the pink moment and spectacular sunsets.
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and violets, and, when clouds float in the clear air and stream across the blue, it paints them in deepest crimson and glow- ing orange, and through the gaps we see lakes and rivulets of greenish blue, a panorama of gorgeous splendor, that I have only seen rivaled in Egypt or, in the rainy season in India,” she wrote.
Local author Patricia Hartmann's main character observes the setting sun in the opening pages of Hartmann's novel, “The Ojai: Pink Moment Promises.”
“As the colors (of the sunset) began to fade, Meggie flung her blonde braids back over her shoulders and turned a full 180 degrees to face the towering Topa Topa bluffs to the east,” Hartmann wrote. “Right on cue, the mountains blushed pink, their striated layers awash in the final red fire of the setting sun. The pink tinge lasted only a few minutes and then the Topa Topas darkened to gray.”
Local artists Jeff Sojka and Jannene Behl have each im- mortalized the scene in paintings.
When painting the pink moment, Sojka strives to capture the “feeling” of the moment, rather than the particulars of any one sunset.
Behl prefers to photograph the mountains and paint from
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Photo by Tim Dewar

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