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her picture.
“It changes so drastically
so fast,” she said.
Behl has noticed that the
mountains take on different tones as the seasons change.
“In the fall, the colors are more vibrant,” she said. “November is the best month for me as far as color goes.”
The pink moment even made an appearance as a float in Ojai Independence Day parades of years past, according to local Ann Scanlin.
“It was a papier-mâché brown mountain on a plat- form that had wheels,” she recalled. “One person carried a very long piece of wood
or some other light material that had the 'moon' on one end and the 'sun' on the other and two other participants carried a very large pink cloth. When the 'sun' was up, the sheet stayed off the mountain, but when the
'sun' went down, the 'moon' went up (and) the sheet was thrown over the mountain to represent the pink moment.”
“I loved that entry and
I would hope that someone would resurrect it some day,” she added.
During the winter months, the sun sets over the Ojai Valley between approxi- mately 4:50 and 6 p.m.
As the sun sets in the west, remember to take a moment and look east.
Visit for more information about the Ojai Valley Land Conservan- cy and local trails.
Meditation Mount is at 10340 Reeves Road in Ojai. Visit https://meditation for more informa- tion.
A trio sits at Meditation Mount as the sun begins to set.
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Visitors arrive at Meditation Mount as the sun begins to bath the Topa Topas in light.
Photo by Andra Belknap
Photo by Andra Belknap

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