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Students must use hand tools to shape their instruments to very specific tolerances.
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What else explains his ability to have people to spend a couple of years and a few thousand dollars building a musical instrument they don’t even know how to play?
From a small cottage, given over almost entirely to his craft, Lisus helps a small number of
very patient and dedicated students through the process of building their own stringed instrument from start to finish.
It isn’t easy and it takes time. His students learn using 17th centu- ry tools and methods almost exclu- sively. No power tools allowed here folks. The students’ work is done by hand to his exacting size and weight measures.
It doesn’t get any more 17th century than “cooking” his own var- nish and sealers, some that include such exotic materials as goat dung and rabbit urine. He is a stickler for authenticity.
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