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But the final color coat is applied by tapping the stain on with a single finger.
adds. “My students are just mildly eccentric.”
The one thing Ojai seems to lack, Lisus said, is a place to play the finished instruments. As each student graduates, he holds a cer- emonial mini-concert featuring that instrument and arranges for a professional musician to play if the student can’t. “It’s not as easy as
it was in South Africa. There you knock on the door of a place with great acoustics, they say ‘Come on in and play.’ Here, it is insurance waivers and book the place three months in advance.”
He hopes to find a few acousti- cally awesome venues, whether it is someone’s home, a church or a school, where he would be allowed to celebrate the end of his students’ long journey with an occasional graduation ceremony.
Visit for more information about Lisus and his mildly eccentric students.
ticular kind of person more suited to the task, he says because of the detail work involved, jewelers seem to take to it a bit more than others,
but he doesn’t have a favorite stu- dent. “They are all different. I have some customers who take the cake for off-the-chart eccentricity,” he
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