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Exploring Ojai’s love affair
A creatively folded book is at home in Meiners Oaks at BookEnds Bookstore & Curiosities.
Story and photos by Andra Belknap
hough the Ojai Valley has been without a Reading is generally thought of as a solitary activity, traditional bookstore for nearly a decade, book but these Ojai Valley venues invite locals and tourists commerce and reading culture remain a dynam- alike to join in a larger, albeit quiet, conversation about ic part of the community. culture, spirituality and the very essence of our humani-
Local used bookstores and libraries not only cir- ty.
culate books, they serve as gathering places and event spaces. They host opera concerts, knitting group meet- ings, poetry readings and most everything in between.
To engage with Ojai's bookstores and libraries is to participate in a massive and time-honored exchange of ideas. It's also a delightful way to spend a day (or many).
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