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A former church is now home to BookEnds Bookstore in Meiners Oaks.
During a visit to Bart's, you'll encounter customers camped out at one of the many patio tables. Others mill about, striking up a conversation, often sharing book recommendations.
Bart's is an excellent space to browse, but specific titles can occa- sionally prove difficult to locate.
“I like to quote Heraclitus on this, you never step in the same river twice, it's not the same bookstore (twice),” said Henrikson.
He estimates that 10 percent of the store's inventory changes each month.
“The real privileged role that we get to play being here is being a locus, an exchange point, for ideas,” he said.
Even if customers never speak
a word while they're in the store, they're still part of the community discourse by donating or purchasing books.
Approximately 40 percent of the
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otherwise,” he said.
Henriksen was born and raised
in Ojai. The story of how he came
to Bart's is as simple as him needing some extra money, he said. He began his Bart's career as the store's janitor.
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