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store's inventory comes from dona- tions of used books — customers can choose to sell used books to the store or receive store credit for their donations.
The rest of the inventory comes from Henrikson's trips “afield.”
Bart's is Ojai's largest bookstore with an inventory that ranges from 100,000 to 150,000 volumes.
“I'm always open to the idea of being surprised by what my custom- ers want and if there's anything Bart's is about, it's about having a healthy variety to support that curiosity. That's what this store is about, that's what it's for.”
Bookends Bookstore & Curiosities, 110 S. Pueblo Ave., Meiners Oaks
Another used bookstore, Meiners Oaks' BookEnds Bookstore & Curi- osities, joined the local retail land- scape in 2011.
Owners Marcia Doty and Celeste Matesavac don't care for the term “used,” though, they prefer “lightly read.”
BookEnds makes its home in a former church nestled in a garden of large oak trees. A model Statue of Liberty greets passersby.
BookEnds stocks “new and used books on life, liberty and happiness,” according to the pair. Their largest collections are of non-fiction books.
The duo enthusiastically stock new books by local authors, including Patricia Fry's “Klepto Cat” mystery series.
“(Fry) walked by today with
the biggest smile on her face and I thought, I wonder what volume she's on now?” said Doty.
The store features bumper stick- ers that encourage customers to “Go Vegetarian,” and “Fight Primetime, Read a Book!” among other things. They've recently begun selling a sticker featuring the image of their own Statue of Liberty — its caption: “I'm with her.”
The store also features eclectic collections of Apple products, old telephones, cameras, and of course,
All of the inventory at BookEnds was purchased locally.
BookEnds’ inventory has grown so much, plans are in the works for additional shelf space on the expansive grounds.
“Marcia and I have always called
ourselves bookends because we're very different and unique, but we keep each other up,” said Matesav- ac, who also refers to Doty as “the bibliophile.”
And Doty did such a prolific job filling the church with books the duo soon realized they would need more space.
Hence the 1961 silver Airstream
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