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professional, is an avid reader.
Her husband and daughter offered
to construct a little library in front of her Sunset Street home as a Christ- mas gift a few years ago.
Flemming’s library is a “dou- ble-decker” — the bottom half con- tains children’s books while the top offers choices for adult readers.
“It has created a really interesting sense of community on that street be- cause it's now a thing that kids want to do. It's primarily almost driven by the kids,” she said. “One day I looked out and there was a little boy sitting on the curb and he was reading to
his little sister. He was sitting there reading.”
Adults tend to return and donate books back to the library, but children aren’t quite as reliable, she said.
“That's OK with me. That's part of the point, because if kids have a book they love I want them to be able to keep it,” she said.
Five Ojai-area little free libraries
Reading on site is encouraged at the Krotoona Library. To check out books, how- ever, you must be a member.
are registered on www.littlefreeli-
Twice-Sold Tales, 121 E. Ojai Ave.,
Twice-Sold Tales neighbors the
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