Hey sediment, it’s curtains for you!

041218 cmwd turbidity curtain
Photo courtesy of Casitas Municipal Water District
A turbidity curtain in action at Santa Ana Creek March 23.
Perry Van Houten, Ojai Valley News reporter
Think of them as immense underwater strainers designed to keep the muck out of Lake Casitas.
Flotation devices called turbidity curtains — permeable barriers used to keep post-Thomas Fire debris and sediment from spreading — have been installed at inflow locations around the lake.
"The curtains allow water to pass through, and contain the silt and sediment behind them, which will then settle out," explained Julia Aranda, engineering manager for Casitas Municipal Water District (CMWD).
Each turbidity curtain is 100-feet long with a skirt depth of 20 feet.
A weight is attached to the bottom of the curtain to provide ballast, keeping the curtain vertical in the water.
In December, Casitas purchased 20 turbidity curtains from ABASCO, LLC of Texas, which also manufactures oil-spill-recovery products.
The price of each curtain was $2,417.
The total purchase price, including tow bridles, sales tax and shipping, was $55,310.45.

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