Enrichment Center Fills Special Needs

By Linda Harmon

If you know a person with special needs or have ever wondered what a day can hold for them, you can get a glimpse by visiting the Ojai Arc Enrichment Center, 210 Cañada St. The center, a nonprofit which serves an average of 50 to 60 adults a day, greets its members with an upbeat campus covering a city block. The center’s work does not stop with what happens between its gates, but they also place people at local businesses and offer services. “Integration in the community is one of our largest goals,” said Linda Caldwell, Arc spokesperson and staff member. “We are modeling relationships and we’re always looking for ways to get our people seen as individuals.” The center is part of Arc, the world’s largest community-based organization of and for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The center’s clients come mostly from referrals. “Chances are our people are already working with tri-county regional social workers,” said Caldwell, “but we do have

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