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Sundowner golf league returns to action after holiday break

Jeff Sturdivan of the team Shut the Putt Up made Sundowner history July 11 at Soule Park Golf Course. Sturdivan broke a decades-old record for most points by a player during weekly play. 
The previous record of 27 points was held by a number of players, including Sean Strben and Josh Griep. Sturdivan shot a round that was 10 under his handicap to earn 28 points and place his name in the Sundowner record book. 
Sturdivan played last year to a 10 handicap but has seen his handicap balloon to a 13 this year as a result of a number of poor rounds. He finally put it all together and shot a gross 39 behind seven pars, one bogey and one double bogey. The gross 39 represented a 26-net and allowed him to stand

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