Ojala lost - Shelby Clerico Ochoa

I wanted to share a story about a family who lost their ranch in the Thomas fire. They had tenants living in cabins on the property. 12 people have been displaced. 
Please read this story and consider sharing it. 
Cory and Mathew Auric grew up in Ventura County on their family’s ranch, Ojala. Their parents, Anna and Robert Auric, purchased Ojala in 1978. 
The Auric’s father, Robert, died two years ago and the brothers have been working hard to keep the ranch going. 
Ojala was home to many people as the Auric’s rented out 4 cabins and a duplex on the property. (6 residences) Cory and his brother have an additional cabin on the property. 
When they got word the fire was coming toward Ojala, the brothers tried flooding the property and made precautions to prevent the fire from taking their ranch.
However, there wasn’t much time and they were told they needed to evacuate immediately. Cory and Mathew contemplated staying and fighting the fire. They did not want to lose their home and a large piece of their deceased father.
As they saw the blaze approaching they quickly realized they could not fight the Thomas fire. 
They quickly left to find safety in Ojai at their mother’s house. 
When they returned to Ojala, the Auric’s found their beloved ranch had been destroyed. What was once a beautiful oasis, was now a charred mess.
In summary, they lost 4 cabins, 1 duplex. 10 people lost their homes. Most of the residents had lived their for years. Many of the tenants did not have time to get their belongings before needing to evacuate. 
The Auric’s lost their workshop and woodsheds. 
The landscape has been destroyed as well as all of their fruit trees. 
The pipes for their water system has also been destroyed. The equipment for maintaining the ranch has also been burned. (Wood chipper, bobcat...etc) 
They lost countless works of art that were in the cabins as well. 
Ojala is a historical site and a spiritual place to many.  
A family friend has set up a GoFund me to help rebuild Ojala. 
Please consider sharing this story to help support the family who has lost something so near and dear to them.