MAC stops short of recommending stricter RV parking standards

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Ojai Valley News photo by Tim Dewar
Trailers such as these, parked along an Oak View street Jan. 24, were the subject of discussions that could have required owners to find other locations to store them.

Perry Van Houten, Ojai Valley News reporter

The Ojai Valley Municipal Advisory Council (MAC) has further reviewed a proposed ordinance that would ban oversized-vehicle parking in Oak View, but stopped short of recommending that the county adopt such an ordinance.
The matter made its third appearance on the agenda Jan. 22., as MAC met in regular session at the Oak View Community Center.
The issue arose after a growing number of complaints regarding RV and trailer parking in Oak View over the past couple of years.
The matter first appeared on the June 19 MAC agenda for public discussion, as well as MAC consideration of an ordinance modeled after the county ordinance for the community of Oak Park.
The Oak Park ordinance prohibits parking of vehicles that are either wider than 80 inches, longer than 25 feet or higher than 82 inches.
That ordinance does include exceptions for loading or unloading of RVs and certain work vehicles.
Many of those speaking in favor of a ban in Oak View said that large vehicles impair roadway safety by obstructing visibility at intersections and when exiting driveways.

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