Ojai City Council tries to prioritize how it will prioritize future agendas

Andra Belknap, Ojai Valley News reporter
City Manager Steve McClary provided his running list of the Ojai City Council's priorities to the Council during a special meeting Feb. 6. There are currently 43 items on the Council's list of pending tasks, including the formulation of a cultural resources policy, a mid-year budget update, a mandatory dog and cat sterilization ordinance and continued discussion of the drought. 
Those are a few of the items labelled “time-sensitive.”
Other items on the pending task list include “affordable housing,” “tiny houses,” “broadband enhancement” and “pesticide-free Ojai.”
Mayor Johnny Johnston referred to the list as the “laundry list.”
“When I scroll through that stuff …” Johnston said as he pantomimed a gun to his head. “I can imagine the staff feels the same way.”

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