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Students raise money for a new crosswalk

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Photo courtesy of Warren Peterson
Oak Grove School's new crosswalk was designed by sixth grader Liliana Kraus.
Andra Belknap, Ojai Valley News reporter
When Oak Grove School students returned to campus April 9, a freshly painted, rainbow-colored, piano-themed crosswalk had been added to the school's parking lot.
The project was conceived by Oak Grove's Elementary Student Council, who noticed the crosswalk in front of the campus had faded. The Council is comprised of 10 Oak Grove elementary schoolers who are elected by their peers.
“They started by putting up handmade signs as (safety) reminders while they made plans for the permanent crosswalk,” said Warren Peterson, Oak Grove's director of outreach.
The new multi-colored crosswalk is in Oak Groves's parking lot, at the top of the school's West Lomita Avenue driveway.

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