Privacy policy

We at Downhome Publishing , LLC - the parent company of the Ojai Valley News, the Ojai Valley Guide and are committed to strict protections of our readers' privacy when it comes to online data.
Although our subscription-based website requires that we collect basic information (name, email address, street address, phone number) we do not provide that information willingly to third parties.
Although we occasionally view readership analytics of, we do not use that information to target any specific reader or group of readers for outside products or services. This information is used only to determine the types of stories our readers find interesting. 
We occasionally need to send our subscribers and advertisers notices about OUR products and services. You will definitely receive notifications when your subscription is about to lapse. We also send advertising information to current and potential advertisers, but these are limited to information about OUR products and services and will never be on behalf of a third party. There will always be a link at the bottom of these emails allowing you to opt out of future mailings. If that is your wish, feel free to use that link.
In a nutshell, we are a small company, dedicated to our readers' and advertisers' privacy. We do not share their data with others and we try to limit our use of that data only to ways that help us serve them better. 
If you have concerns about your data and how it is used, feel free to contact our publisher, at publisher(at) (insert the @ symbol in place of (at) ) with your questions. If you are a business owner and no longer wish to be contacted by representatives of Downhome Publishing, send an email to that same address with unsubscribe in the subject line. 
Thank you.