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OUSD to discuss ‘dashboard’ ratings and test scores at Dec. 13 meeting

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To see the Ojai Unified School District Performance Overview as seen in this illustration from last year's Dashboard, visit


Austin Widger,  Ojai Valley News reporter
The California Department of Education released the 2019 California School Dashboard on Dec. 12. The dashboard gauges schools’ achievement levels in suspension rates, college/career preparation, graduation rates, chronic absenteeism, English Language Arts and math. The dashboard results and OUSD students’ state test scores will be discussed at the Friday, Dec. 13, school board meeting to be held at 5:30 p.m. at a new location — Matilija Auditorium, 703 El Paseo Road, Ojai.
The Ojai Valley News will be live-streaming the meeting on its Facebook page.
The colors read from top to bottom: blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. Blue represents the highest performance level while red represents the lowest performance level. A needle indicates the performance level for each measure.
For an overview of the OUSD dashboard, visit
OUSD's performance overview lists OUSD in the orange category (second from the bottom) for suspension rate, college/career, English Language Arts and mathematics. It is green (second from the top) in chronic absenteeism and graduation rate.
OUSD, overall, is listed as:
    • 19 points below standard in English Language Arts (maintained minus 2.8 percent from previous year).
    • 45.8 points below standard in mathematics (maintained plus 2.5 points from previous year).
    • 43.9 percent listed as "prepared" for college/career (declined 8.7 percent from previous year).
    • 9.3 percent chronically absent (declined 3.9 percent from previous year).
    • 91 percent graduated (maintained minus 0.5 percent from previous year).
    • 3.6 percent suspended at least once (increased 0.3 percent from previous year).
There are several more categories that can be viewed online for how different student groups met state standards in various categories.
The two schools that were on the California list, released in February, of the 781 lowest-performing schools in the state — Matilija Middle School and Meiners Oaks Elementary — have improved their dashboard ratings. 
Matilija increased its English Language Arts by 11 points and mathematics by 16.3 points. The school falls 19.1 points below standard for English Language Arts and 43 points below standard for mathematics. Chronic absenteeism declined by 6 percent to 9.8 percent, and suspension rate declined by 0.4 percent to 7.9 percent. 
Meiners Oaks increased English Language Arts by 11.2 points to be 27.2 points below standard. Mathematics increased by 7.6 points to be 46 points below standard. Chronic absenteeism declined by 4.7 percent to 13.8 percent, and suspension rate declined by 2.4 percent to 1.4 percent. 
On the other end of the spectrum are San Antonio and Topa Topa schools. San Antonio’s English Language Arts dropped by 34.4 points to be 43.6 points below standard. Mathematics decreased by 22.4 points to be 59.6 points below standard. 
Topa Topa’s English Language Arts fell by 14 points to be 20.9 points below standard. Mathematics improved by 6.7 points but falls 29.4 points below standard.
OUSD is described on the state Dashboard website as having an enrollment of 2,383 students, with 52.5 percent of them socioeconomically disadvantaged, 14.5 percent English learners and 0.5 percent foster youth.
Scott Roark, public information officer for the California Department of Education, said the newest features of the 2019 California School Dashboard is a mobile app and that the scores are released in five languages. Download the mobile app at:
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