Who is this angel?


By Drew Mashburn, for the Ojai Valley Museum

Fellow Ojai Valley Museum volunteer Judy "I'm in the Spirit of Christmas!" Mercer routed me a box of old, unidentified photos in hopes that I might be able to ID the people in them. I don't know what the heck she was thinking. Anyway, Judy handed me the box, then pulled this photo off the top of the ones still in the box. While showing the photo to me, Judy said, "Look how happy this child is working so diligently on her wonderful Christmas tree!" to which I replied, "From what I can see of it, it does look like she worked pretty dang hard on decorating it." 
That's when Judy scolded me in a disgusted voice by exclaiming, "Think how sad she must have felt when you stole the tree, Mr. Grinch!" Judy, obviously, has me confused with a different character. And, make no mistake about it, I am quite a character, but I'd never steal a Christmas tree from a child, but adults … your trees are fair game! Anybody recognize this adorable little girl who, like Judy, has the Christmas spirit? If so, please call the Ojai Valley News at 805-646-1476.

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