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Ventura vs. Ojai: Water war escalates — Certified letters with legal notices and summonses flood Ojai Valley

1 10 20 Groundwater basisnsMap provided
Area groundwater basins map included with others in certified letters that are going out to Ojai Valley residents this week.


Austin Widger, Ojai Valley News reporter
Thousands of property owners throughout the Ojai Valley are being sent notices or served summonses this week, regarding the city of Ventura’s cross-complaint to litigation brought by nonprofit Santa Barbara Channelkeeper against Ventura and California State Water Resources Control Board.
Ojai Councilman William Weirick said Thursday, a day after the certified letters began arriving in Ojai Valley residents’ mailboxes: “The actions of the Ventura City Council are an assault on both common sense and sustainable management of the Ventura River Watershed. The taxpayers and our citizens are being fleeced for millions of dollars by attorneys, when a fraction of that money would suffice to ensure habitat-sustaining stream flow. The fool’s gold of watershed adjudication is premised on the ‘straw in the ground’ idea of water rights ….”

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