Ventura tries to Mulholland theft of water

By Jerry George
Let’s get this straight, you pinhead mayor of Ventura! Ventura has been so wrong in past planning decisions for what could have been a beautiful city! Adjacent to the ocean, you had an opportunity to have a waterfront mecca! You see yourself as a Los Angeles of the early 1900s and your mayor is trying to pull off a sequel to “Chinatown”! You want to pull a Mulholland theft of water from all areas that feed down to Ventura!
As to your concern for the Ventura River watershed coming back to sustainable condition for a natural water flow of surface water, this will never happen! 
Your Planning Commission as been following a plan of continual sprawl and has reached a point where you haven’t the water to accommodate anymore! You were even negligent in supplying sufficient supply to your foothills you allowed to develop with water for fire suppression in the fire of 2017!
Reasons why water flow will not return is simple: wells that have been pumping all these decades, a century or more, that have fed Ojai, Meiners Oaks, Mira Monte, and all communities all the way to Ventura. Yes, Ventura! There’s no way possible for groundwater to return to levels supporting a surface flow of water! 
Let’s not forget the diversion channel feeding into the Army Corps of Engineers constructed water-conserving Casitas Dam completed in 1959. Not rocket science! 
But something else in the equation! This has had my attention for quite awhile. All the developments throughout the years have placed nonpermeating surfaces, roofs, streets sidewalks, parking lots and other surfaces, on once-natural rainwater-absorbing ground surfaces. 
In the city of Ojai, which encompasses 4.3 square miles, if you take a 3-square-mile area with a 1-inch rain event, there will be 52 million gallons of water! An amount in 12 inches would equate to 2,784 acre-feet of water! A 2-foot rain season — very conceivable for Ojai — there would be 5,568 acre-feet of water just on 3 square miles of the 4.3 square miles in the city of Ojai that goes unchecked by way of the San Antonio Creek entering the Ventura River considerably downstream.
A couple of years ago, while attending a Meiners Oaks Water District meeting, I proposed to give an incentive to users to install dry wells to divert rainwater runoff from their roofs. This was meet by a board member comment that that would not amount to much!
My point in all of this is that for the last 40 or more years, cities, county, state and federal governments have willfully or ignorantly, or both, chosen to do nothing about this! Governments continually through the years have had at the top of their agenda to control the masses and what better way than water, the life blood of existence! Kinda like “Soylent Green”! I feel I’m just in making my comments as I have spent over 32 years in government employment, six years on a road and bridge crew in Idaho, and five years in Ventura County flood, and one year in road department, and have seen how it works from the inside! 
I am a 70-year-old male and, with the exception of six years, have been a resident of Ventura County since 1959 and have seen the different mass water flows throughout the region, especially the 1983 winter!
I can’t go without an opinion on a solution. Ventura County has made one positive action by installing what I had suggested to Meiners Oaks Water District. They have installed French drains along the sidewalks leading up to the buildings at the Government Center! Shows good foresight on their part! I ask you, Mayor Matt, what have you done to bring your water table up with clean-water percolation other than burdening homeowners with a lawsuit? This goes along with additional recommendations of water-injection wells along where large flows of water exist! I do believe I heard President Trump mention at least once a possible suggestion of diverting water through pipelines from high flows of the Mississippi River to states to the West! Those who laugh at this are of little minds and will never solve the water issue facing us! Continue to do what you always done, you’ll continue to get what you’ve always gotten! We need to speak up to preserve our freedoms! Thanks!


— Jerry George lives in Ojai.