LETTERS TO THE EDITOR on Feb. 21, 2020

A good reminder
Paula Spellman’s Feb. 14 letter, “Ignorance is not bliss,” reminded me of the precariousness of the current political situation and the need to educate myself before passing on unverified information. 
It isn't easy because the constant bombardment of info has a numbing effect, and that is exactly what it's meant to do; to exhaust us into acceptance. It causes us to question our own beliefs and minimize the wrong doings as "little" things that are no longer important. And worst of all, it causes us to give up. And that is what is most dangerous. Whatever I can do seems insignificant, but it isn't. I am writing this as a step toward maintaining my rights and my freedom. I hope you will do the same.

Go with love

In 2002, Fred Rogers was awarded the Medal of Freedom for espousing the virtues of kindness, patience, inclusion, understanding, selflessness, and love.
Now, the Medal of Freedom has been awarded to Rush Limbaugh for espousing the "virtues" of hostility, exclusion, denigration, sarcasm, selfishness, vitriol and hatred. How is this possible?
Now, more than ever, we need to make a conscious choice to emulate the former.
The atomic doomsday clock has now been set to 100 seconds before midnight. If we're on our way out, let's at least go with a little love in our hearts.

New heights with President Trump

In response to John Azevedo's Feb. 7 letter, “Time for a Change,” there is a plethora of ignorance surrounding freebies for all.
Of course, the obvious question concerns the financing. Furthermore, why on earth do we need a revolution when President Trump and his brilliant aides have managed to bring our country to new heights never before reached? By Googling Trump's achievements, you will learn what he has accomplished in just three-plus years.

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