1 person in Ventura County confirmed Tuesday, March 10, to have COVID-19

3 11 20 VCEMERGENCYOne case of COVID-19 has been confirmed in Ventura County on Tuesday, March 10.
Ventura County Public Health had reported Friday, March 6, that one county resident was presumptively positive for COVID-19 and was awaiting confirmation from the federal Centers for Disease Control.
Ventura County Public Health is reporting local information about COVID-19 testing on its  website.
Tuesday, March 10, it reported that 34 people have been tested for COVID-19 with 33 negative results. Twenty-two travelers with no symptoms are on home quarantine and nobody is currently being quarantined at Naval Base Ventura County-Point Mugu. Only two people have been quarantined at the base, one for only two days. The other person who had traveled to China was released home Friday after a 14-day quarantine.
The Ventura County resident who has tested positive for COVID-18 had traveled on the Grand Princess cruise ship and ended the cruise on Feb. 21, health officials said.
On March 10, Ventura County Public Health Director Rigoberto Vargas told the Ventura County Board of Supervisors that a state of emergency in Ventura County could be considered if there is a case of community transmission. That means a person who tests positive is not at risk from contracting the novel coronavirus from travel or contact with someone who has COVID-19. That has not occurred yet.
The California Department of Public Health is not recommending the cancellation of public events as Tuesday, March 10, according to Ventura County Public Health, which added that it "continues to encourage community members to prepare for social distancing."
On March 4, a state of emergency over COVID-19 was declared in the state of California and later in Los Angeles County.
If a state of emergency was declared locally, the Ventura County Sheriff's Office of Emergency Services would respond to help oversee the local response, Vargas said.
Last week, Dr. Robert Levin, Ventura County Public Health officer, told Ventura County residents, businesses, organizations, schools, religious groups and agencies to have plans in place for social distancing by Friday, March 6.
Social distancing, he explained, means lessening contact between individuals throughout the county. Businesses, for instance, would review their staffing and identify workers who could work from home. This results in fewer people and less contact between people at the workplace as well. Members of the public should speak with their employer about whether they can still fulfill responsibilities of their jobs while working from home.
Community transmission means person-to-person spread. “Our first level of protection comes from the quarantine and isolation of certain individuals,” said Levin.
He stressed that these plans will not be put into effect immediately. “Once cases of COVID-19 are found in the community, it’s time to implement social distancing plans.”
The rest of the Ventura County Public Health press release last week reads:
"A population that is at particular risk from the COVID-19 is the elderly. Extended care facilities are being asked to write or update their plans for protecting their residents from interaction with those from outside their place of residence.
"While children seem to be faring better than other groups with COVID-19, schools have made significant advances in their planning for possible temporary closure. Some schools were closed for weeks during the H1N1 pandemic 10 years ago. It is important that schools and childcare facilities have a plan in place and are communicating with parents.
"Primary care medical sites are being asked to implement plans to communicate with patients via Skype, FaceTime and over the phone. Many patient visits can be dealt with distantly thus avoiding crowding of clinics and the resulting increased risk of close contact which might further spread COVID-19.
"There is little evidence that pregnant women are at particularly increased risk from this virus, but special care should still be taken to decrease their social contacts."


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