Official online information sites on COVID-19, as of Tuesday, March 17

3 17 VCIMAGE— To view the Ventura County Public Health Department information sites, visit:


• Ventura County Public Health Facebook page on COVID-19 is called Ventura County Coronavirus News Group Official, where residents can have questions answered:

• Ventura County Public Health Spanish-language Facebook page on COVID-19 is called:

Grupo Informativo de Coronavirus del Condado de Ventura – OFICIAL, where residents can have questions answered:



— To read Community Memorial Health System information on COVID-19 and Ojai Valley Hospital-specific information, visit:


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To view the city of Ojai website with COVID-19 information, visit:

— To view the link to the state of California's executive orders regarding COVID-19:

— To view the state of California COVID-19 “directives,” issued Monday, March 16, visit:


— To view the Monday, March 16, Facebook live message delivered from the state office of Emergency Services, at which Gov. Gavin Newsom asked that all California restaurants cease dine-in service and that movie theaters and gyms close, visit

— To view Covid-19 updates from the Ojai Unified School District, visit:

— To view the Ventura County Office of Education corona virus website, visit:

— To view the California Department of Education coronavirus website, visit:


— To view the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website for Covid-19 updates, visit: 

— To view the CDC website on ways to protect oneself and others from getting Covid-19, visit:

— To view latest information on Covid-19 in California, visit California Department of Public Health:

Report on Tuesday, March 17, from the National Institutes of Health, stating the "Novel coronavirus in stable for hours on surfaces":

To view a list of countries with COVID-19 travel advisories, visit:

— To view guidance from the CDC to Ventura County Office of Education, to be disseminated to local school districts, visit:

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