Message from Ojai Dr. Jim Halverson with information on COVID-19 on Wednesday, March 18:

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Ojai physician, Dr. Jim Halverson, provided the following message to Ojai residents with information about COVID-19 from The Primary Care Providers of the Ojai Valley — a group of local primary care providers: 

“Your primary care provider (including Clinicas and Centers for Family Health) will be able to determine if you should be tested for the novel coronavirus. If you are well (asymptomatic) or have mild symptoms (fever less than 100, mild cough, no shortness of breath), testing will generally not be advised.
"The goal is no longer to identify how many people have the virus. It is to keep people at risk from being exposed to it. Those people include people age  60 and over and people under age 60 with immune-system compromising conditions that include diabetes, chronic heart or lung disease or people receiving immuno-compromising medication.
“Please do not show up unannounced at your physician's office, local urgent care centers or clinics, or an Emergency Department if you are concerned about your current symptoms. Call ahead and be advised if you should be tested. Your office will then advise you of the proper steps to take to be tested, which will likely include being tested outside of the waiting room or exam room by a medical worker who is wearing proper protection.
“If you are significantly ill and need immediate attention, emergency personnel who are well trained in protective measures can transport you to the nearest Emergency Department with proper precautions to protect our healthcare personnel and all people in the hospital from possible exposure.
“Please follow social distancing guidelines as made available to all of you through the Ventura County Public Health  website ( Another excellent source of local information is the Community Memorial Health System COVID-19 FAQ document. It can be found at
“We can still have a significant impact on the incidence and severity of COVID-19 in the Ojai Valley. Please do not put yourself, your family, your friends and your community at risk by taking this situation lightly.”


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