Tuesday, April 7: Ventura County government gives COVID-19 press briefing

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Ventura County government officials discuss preparation for surge on Tuesday, April 7, at 1 p.m.

The meetings are recorded daily at 1 p.m. and can be accessed for viewing at

Sheriff and Dr. John Fankhauser speaking:


Ventura County Sheriff Bill Ayub: 1 Ventura County Sheriff's Office deputy tested positive for COVID-19.


Dr. John Fankhauser, head of Ventura County Medical Center and Santa Paula Hospital, said county health officials prepare for a surge.


Some medical officials being housed in RVs and in some medical center rooms to keep their families safe.

New treatments being pursued such as more COVID-19 patients lying on their stomachs.


Dr. Theresa Cho, Ventura County Ambulatory Care Medical Director:

Avoid contact with others.

Mike Powers, county CEO: 

Social distancing is making a difference.

Organized effort to get adequate Personal Protective Equipment.

Surge capacity in hospitals being increased.

Elective surgeries canceled.

More testing is being done.

Innovative treatments being pursued.


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