April 28: Gov. Newsom says schools should consider starting in July or early August during COVID-19 update

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To view Gov. Gavin Newsom’s daily press briefing on state response to COVID-19 update, visit:



 Newsom said he believes the state of California is "weeks, not months away," from making meaninful difference in the indicators, based on datas, not dates. He also suggested school leaders should consider starting the new school year in late July or early August.


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Still, by no stretch of the imagination, out of the woods. Stabilization of COVID-19 good thus far.

Referenced manufacturing of nonessential goods, retail for nonessential items, needs for kids in schools. 

Recognize learning loss because of disruption, even into summer. Even earlier school year, late July to early August is a possibility due to concern around learning loss and concern about waiting into early fall.

Might want to consider getting school year moved up a little bit. Need to prepare for that, for the physical and environmental changes in the schools.

Able to look at reopening, but caution that if we pull back too quickly, it could start a second wave that could be even more damaging than the first, and undo all the progress we have made.

 Dr. Angell, head of California Department of Public Health, presented slides on indicators to guide decisions on loosening stay-at-home restrictions.

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