Ventura County government gives May 11 update on COVID-19 response

5 11 meeting

Ventura County government officials gave updates on the local response to COVID-19 on Monday, May 11:

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Ventura County Chief Medical Officer Dr. Robert Levin reported:

 12 new cases since Saturday

Total of 672 positive COVID-19 cases identified.

18 percent have been hospitalized.

80 percent have had comorbidities.

20 percent have not had comorbidities.

 28 patients hospitalized now with COVID-19

More people can now be tested. 

 In accelerated Phase 2, we can look forward to restaurants reopening, but Ventura County has to meet certain criteria to get there — e.g., bring down the number of COVID-19 in Ventura County.

More testing. Peak was 672 in one day.

Today, ran 527 tests.

State wants us to have 1,300 tests run in a single day. 

 Remind your doctor that if you have symptoms, you should be tested.

 From the moment they are diagnosed, they will not spread it and their close contacts will be tested.

Those who test positive will also be expected to quarantine in their home.

From 8 to 16 days before we see the number of tests go up so we can continue to move along in our recovery.


County CEO Mike Powers 

 He said businesses that are ready to open need to register at 

The businesses do not have to be inspected to reopen.








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