Ojai filmmaker's 'Plandemic' video goes viral

Photo courtesy Mikki Willis
A still shot of the next vignette of “Plandemic” movie of director Mikki Willis  of Ojai (left) and Dr. Rashid Buttar.


Austin Widger, Ojai Valley News reporter
Ojai filmmaker Mikki Willis is behind the release of “Plandemic,” a highly controversial and viral take on COVID-19, shot in Ojai.
The video has made the rounds on social media and was on Youtube before being taken down after millions of views. It is the first part of a series of vignettes on theories about the pandemic.
Willis said he paid for the film himself and won’t sell or profit from it.


In the first 26-minute release, Willis interviews Judy Mikovits, Ph.D.,  a research scientist who alleges the coronavirus outbreak was a conspiracy led by big pharma, the World Health Organization, and Dr. Anthony Fauci, a key member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force.
Mikovits is a former Ventura resident and several scenes in the video are of the Ojai Arcade and Libbey Park.
Willis said he has known Mikovits for a year, and met with her when the pandemic began. “Because of her direct connection with the people who are currently involved with the pandemic, leading the pandemic team, advising the world, I reached out to her for advice,” Willis said. “We met, had a meeting, and what she revealed to me I knew the world needed to know.”
Willis lost his brother to AIDS 30 years ago, and knew Mikovits worked as a laboratory technician at the National Cancer Institute in the late 1980s. “My brother didn’t die actually of AIDS but of the medication that he was prescribed,” Willis said. “I remember the names that were involved in pushing those medications.”
Willis started making part one of the film two weeks before it was released. It was shot in one day and took two weeks to edit.
Willis said he had been working on another movie for the past year, but when he interviewed Mikovits, he realized that “Plandemic” was the priority. “We just decided that, on a moment’s notice, and now we’re just kind of rolling with it,” Willis said. “I don’t know that it’s going to be a full-length film right away or if we’re just going to keep releasing these bite-size vignettes.”
Since the viral release of part one, Willis said he has been working with a coalition of 7,000 doctors who support what he’s doing, the message, the information and the science. 
Numerous news media, fact-checkers and medical journals have harshly criticized “Plandemic” and Mikovits.


Willis said he is working with the 7,000 doctors, as well as attorneys, to create a response video to all the debunkers. That will be part two of the film.
“Our goal is simple … and that is to reform our medical systems such that they’re not under the stranglehold of big pharma,” he said.
Something will be released later this week or next week, Willis said. The official part two won’t start filming until May 19, which is when he and Mikovits will respond to the 12 “most controversial claims made in the video, and allowing other top doctors to chime in to validate and explain each claim from a science standpoint, as well as having legal experts break down the reality of the case,” he said.
Willis said he is not part of the anti-vaccine movement, but wants “people to wake up, to look around, to realize that even our good doctors who have worked so hard and taken oaths to help people are under the stranglehold of people who have not taken that same oath. Our civil liberties are being stripped every single day, and they’re wanting this to be the new normal. Above all, we must find balance in our ability to resist deadly viruses, while at the same time maintaining our autonomous, sovereign civil liberties that this country was founded on.”

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