Ventura County back on state list of concern over COVID-19

6 26 20 COVID Watch list

Ventura County govenrment announced that it has landed back on the state’s watch list of concern because of its rising cases of hospitalizations, which exceed the state’s 10% threshold.

On Friday, June 26, Ventura County Public Health reported 58 people with COVID-19 in the hospital and 19 in intensive care units.
Thursday, there were 54 with COVID-19 in the hospital; Wednesday, there were 48; and Tuesday, there were 51.
When there were 51 in the hospital Tuesday, Ventura County Public Health Director Rigoberto Vargas said the hospitalization rate was at 20%, exceeding the state’s 10% threshold.


Ventura County is one of 15 of the California’s 58 counties to be on the list.

To view the list, visit:

According to the state monitoring site, “Ventura County is experiencing increasing hospitalizations related increasing cases in our county. Drivers of this increase include:

"1. Community transmission due to gatherings.

"2. Essential workplace transmission followed by household transmission

"3. Transmission in overcrowded housing.

"4. Skilled nursing facility outbreaks.

"5. Increase in widespread community testing through our drive-thru testing locations.

"Key action areas to address concerns include:

  1. Engage community leaders, stakeholders, and members in taking actions to prevent community transmission.
  2. Continue prevention messaging through multiple mediums including visiting workplaces / residential complexes in areas where we have increased community transmission.
  3. Continue to enhance case investigation and contact tracing efforts, and
  4. Continuing to provide infection. Preventionists’ expertise to assist skilled nursing facilities on infection-control practices, ensure baseline testing, and proper use of personal protective equipment."

To view COVID-19 data from the state, visit: 

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