OUSD school board meets today, July 22, to discuss how students will learn during school closures

7 19 20 OUSD DISTANCETo understand this graph provided by OUSD earlier this month (before the governor restricted in-person classes for the start of the school year), draw vertical lines between the blue (K-12), black (K-12), and red (6-8 / 9-12) headers.



Ojai Unified School District will start the new school year with distance learning, along with all the other public and private schools in Ventura County.

The decision was made Friday when Gov. Gavin Newsom restricted schools from opening with in-person classes in counties that are on the state


COVID-19 watch list. (See California Department of Public Health overview: ).

July 22 school board meeting


The school board will discuss school plans for the 2020-21 school year at its Wednesday, July 22 meeting, held via videoconference. The public portion of the meeting will start at 5:30 p.m. To view the agenda, visit:

To weigh in on the decision making via public comment, written comments may be submitted before or during the meeting at:

The public may join the livestreamed meeting via OUSD Youtube video:

or via district Facebook:


Other items on the agenda include, among other issues:

— Upgraded computers for teachers and instructional staff “to fulfill the demands of online learning, lesson planning, participating in meetings and tracking student attendance.” The cost is $58,022.25.
— Purchase of a chipper for $39,142.34, due to the closure of Ojai Organics, resulting in OUSD having to rent a chipper.
— Removing carpeting from Meiners Oaks, Mira Monte, and San Antonio schools and installing vinyl tile, and placing carpet tile square walk-off mats at each door entry — a project previously in the 2014 school bond Measure J project list.
— Updating the OUSD conflict of interest code.
— Hiring a child care coordinator and child care assistant coordinator.
— Consider a calendar committee recommendation to revise the instructional year calendar by having a “soft start” to the school year to provide teachers time to participate in training, and moving the end of the first semester to Jan. 15 to “create equity between the instructional minutes in the first and second trimesters.” Proposed calendar may be viewed at:
— Approve a revised budget that includes new revenue projections for the 2020-21 school year.
— Consider bid for playground improvement project at Meiners Oaks School that will remove the old play structure and install a new one, for a total of $125,696.
— Consider bid to remove and replace old gutters and downspouts at San Antonio Elementary School, replace wood posts and railings and replace damaged timbers on gable ends, for a total of $101,022.
— Consider an “evaluation tool,” described in six pages, that “has been negotiated between the superintendent and the board and will be used in the 2020-21 school year for the mid-year and end-of-year evaluations of the superintendent.”
Items on the list of future OUSD board agenda items are:
— “A future discussion regarding the concept of the sale of District property,” proposed by Board of Education member Thayne Whipple.
— A public hearing, recommended by Board of Education member Jane Weil, to review the adoption of a resolution in support of gun locks and against gun violence, proposed for when the board is not meeting online.
— A survey of Student Advisory Council members “to ascertain how the board could support them more, as well as receiving feedback as to what areas are working well,” suggested by Board of Education member Shelly Griffen. It was noted in the agenda item that Weil added that “it would be helpful to revisit the student selection process.”
— A presentation “regarding how online services, apps and software are selected and vetted. Member (Thayne) Whipple asked for an update of required student technology use policies regarding online services.” It was noted on the agenda item that OUSD is “researching and creating new policies for consideration at a future meeting.”

In discussing earlier this month what school will look like for the 2020-21 school year, slated for a "soft opening" on Aug. 19, OUSD Superintendent TIffany Morse shared a link for OUSD full distance learning options at:

 It can be viewed in Spanish at:

The list of distance-learning programs, listed in the graph above, will likely be tweaked as it was created before the governor's Friday announcement. Now, distance learning will be the main learning option when the 2020-21 school year starts. At the bottom of the graphic, people are directed to contact Robin Monson, principal of San Antonio School and Summit School for more information. Her email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Making plans

As a result of the governor's Friday announcement, some OUSD parents have been communicating among themselves and on Facebook about how to provide and/or supplement OUSD distance-learning options for their children, discussing distance-learning curricula, tutors, opportunities for home-bound college students to help tutor, and more.

The graphic, above, references some of the distance-learning programs OUSD is offering, including "Matilija Online" and "Nordhoff Online," and Summit School.

Check approved curriculum for admittance to CSUs and UCs

When choosing an independent study curriculum, it is important for parents of high school students who want the option of their children attending a California State University or University of California school to know which independent study curricula meet the "A-G" requrements for admittance ( Edgenuity, offered by OUSD, is one of them.

Edgenuity was described to the OUSD board on Aug. 14, 2019, as providing “a rigorous curriculum and online learning model that allows students in our independent study program to take a wide range of courses that can meet all graduation requirements, including advanced placement (AP), Career and Technical Education CTE), and foreign language courses. Instruction is highly individualized with high levels of flexibility."

Chaparral High School

Chaparral High School at the district headquarters, 414 E. Ojai Ave., is a continuation high school, for students who have not graduated from high school, are still required to attend school, and are at risk of not graduating.
According to the California Department of Education: "Many students in continuation education are behind in high school credits. Others may need a flexible school schedule because they have jobs outside of school. Some students choose continuation education because of family needs or other circumstances."
The new principal of Chaparral is Javier Ramirez, the previous popular principal of Matilija Middle School.
 The California Department of Education provides more information about continuation school at this site:

Accelerated learning program provided by OUSD through public charter school, Learn4Life Antelope Learning Academy, which sponsored OUSD 2020 summer school

The "accelerated learning courses" that were offered beginning this summer for OUSD students are provided through the Lancaster-based public charter school, Learn4Life Antelope Learning Academy.

A new school for grades 6-12 — "Ojai Independent School" — created Aug. 21, 2019, is not in operation

Months before the pandemic, OUSD applied to the state Department of Education to create a new “Ojai Independent School” for grades six to 12 on Aug. 21, 2019, which the state designated as an “alternative school of choice” when it approved it. Ojai Independent School was listed on the school district website for a while. However, it no longer is listed on the OUD website as an OUSD school, and is not currently in operation, according to a school district official.


To participate in Nordhoff sports when they are again allowed

Although all organized sports and recreation games, practices, drills were suspended by the Ventura County Public Health officer on July 14, OUSD provided links for students who plan to participate in Nordhoff sports (whenever they might start again) to begin the Athletic Clearance process by making an appointment with a primary-care physicians to get a sports physical, and by completing the online registration through: 


Nordhoff will not be hosting the Physicals Fundraiser this year.

OUSD is requesting that the parents or doctor’s office fax the physical form to the OUSD office at 805-640-4336 or email it as a pdf attachment to:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;

Once the physical and online information has been verified, the student will be cleared for sports participation.

A copy of the OUSD Physical Form is available at:









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