VC COVID-19 hospitalizations are declining

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As of Sept. 3, there were 10,890 people who had ever been diagnosed with COVID-19 in Ventura County, and 960 active cases under quarantine.
Out of the 10,890, 94 were in Ojai and 61 in Oak View.
Fifteen of the Ojai cases and two of the Oak View cases came in the last 14 days. Positive tests came Aug. 20 (2), 21 (5), 23, 24 (5), 25, 26 and 27 (2).
Sixty-three people were in the hospital with COVID-19 countywide as of Sept. 3. This was 13 fewer residents than a week ago.
Twelve people were in intensive care units, which was 10 fewer than a week ago.
A total of 116 people are reported to have died from the virus in Ventura County. Three were in Ojai and two in Oak View.
Eight of these deaths came in the last 14 days.