Ojai Unified School District Board Area 4 candidate: Chiany Dri

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Photo courtesy Chiany Dri
Chiany Dri


Voters in new Trustee Areas 2 and 4 will choose two Ojai Unified School District Board members Nov. 3. The two vying for one seat in Trustee Area 4 are Chiany Dri and Shelly Griffen.
1. Do you support Measure K? Why or why not?
I support Measure K. I support the bond for improvements to our school facilities.
Our school infrastructure needs attention, and even more, this bond could help stimulate our community by hiring locally for the work. So, while it helps support our schools, it also strengthens our community.
2. Do you support the lease of the district office property? If so, what would you like to see there?
The reality is that our district is in a deficit. Leasing the property will bring money to our schools. However, it’s really important that we center our community’s thoughts and needs in this major district decision and consider the voices of many.
3. Do you have any business interests in the district?
The interests I have are those of our community. As an elected official, I would be voted in by the Ojai community, and my only and deepest intention is to bring my community’s voice.


4. How should future district budget deficits be addressed?
When it comes to future district budget deficits, especially post-COVID-19, our budget is going to need strategic planning and creativity in how we support our teachers and families.
5. How should the district deal with declining enrollment?
We need to raise wages for our teachers, attract new talent, support the arts, and bring in Spanish-language programs to all of our schools. We can shift low enrollment by investing deeply in our schools and education for our students to build stronger schools. Strong schools are what attract families.
6. Do you support attracting interdistrict transfers to help address declining enrollment?
I support efforts to attract interdistrict transfers and new families in Ojai by being competitive in what our schools bring to the table.
7. Has distance learning in OUSD been effective thus far?
The pandemic is undoubtedly difficult for all of us and distance learning is hard and especially hard for families with essential workers, differently abled students, and homeless families. I think OUSD has done a great job considering how fast our teachers and administrators have had to adapt.
8. What is the role of a school board member?
Our school board helps to shape the future of our public schools by evaluating our superintendent, adopting district policies, overseeing the performance of the district, adopting and monitoring district budgets, and representing the many voices of our community.
9. Why should people vote for you?
Our school board needs new voices and perspectives, a person who can bring new ideas and think outside of the box in this new COVID and post-COVID world. I’ve been a community builder and leader and have a proven track record for making positive change in our community. I also have three young kids and I will have a direct understanding of what our schools need.
10. If you have a candidate website, what is the address?
11. If you have a candidate email, what is the address?
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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