Guide to Ojai spooky Halloween displays

10 31 20 Gregory Street and Lark Ellen Avenue

Ojai Valley News photos by
Perry Van Houten


Several Ojai houses are dressed up for Halloween, offering fun, spooky scenes. Ayala Haunt in the area of Gregory Street and Lark Ellen has ghouls and ghosts aplenty.


Halloween 2020 in Ojai is different from previous years since state guidelines do not recommend trick-or-treating.

Instead, people are creating new traditions, including Halloween drive-bys to see the creative Halloween displays put up by Ojai residents.

Kristy Ellison of spooky "Moreno Manor" created a list of Halloween-decorated houses and reminded people about social-distancing rules:

— Moreno Manor and Skeleton Invasion, both in the 800 block of Moreno Drive. ( View Facebook posts about Moreno Manor at: )

— Boos and treats in the 1100 block of Fierro Drive.

— Spooky in the 1400 block of Rice Road.

— Erie Display in the 200 block of Cruzero Street.

— The Pirates are Taking Over in the 300 block of South Carillo Road

— Oh My Pumpkins in the 500 block of Pleasant Avenue.

Those who dare to take a peek are reminded to:

Be kind to one another, respect neighbors and drive safely.

Also, due to the pandemic precautions, people are reminded:

— Do not gather in groups.

— Wear proper face coverings (Halloween masks are not the same).

— Limit the length of time in one place to 10 minutes or less.

— Stay in your vehicle when possible.

— Do not touch the decor, props, etc.

— Bring hand sanitizer and use it often.

— Be patient with all visitors, especially families with small children.




10 31 20 Grand Avenue and Gridley Road

This house at Grand Avenue and Gridley Road has an especially spooky ghost.













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