OP-ED by Nancy Hill: No parade this Veterans Day, but our thanks to our veterans is forever

11 11 20 Vets day


By Nancy Hill

We are sad to announce that the Ojai Veterans of Foreign Wars and American Legion Posts cannot hold their annual Veterans Day Recognition this year. We had planned a Memorial Day observance on May 25 at Libbey Park, but the pandemic stopped that; now it has also stopped our plans for a joint Memorial Day / Veterans Day observance on Nov. 11.  

As the chairman of the Veterans Day Committee, I always get great pleasure at hanging our posters of veterans around the American Legion Hall here in Ojai for Veterans Day, just as we have done for years at Libbey Park for Memorial Day. I was even more excited about this year’s Memorial Day and Veterans Day events because I’ve gotten a couple hundred new pictures and stories.

For many years, Sherry Wyatt and the American Legion Auxiliary have made a special breakfast free to all veterans on Veterans Day. I would prepare lunch: three homemade soups plus desserts. 

It’s so special to have a place to host and celebrate veterans and their families. Some people come to see the posters that honor their parents, grandparents and great-grandparents, as well as to share a meal and trade stories with other veterans and families. We have fabulous pictures from World War I up to all current conflicts and wars. They provide a great history lesson for all of us.  

I am always hoping people will contact me to share their veterans’ pictures and stories, so we can honor their relatives with the posters that we prepare. My contact number is 805-302-6093 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I don’t keep the pictures; we always make copies and return the originals. It’s even better if you bring copies.  

Our veterans should always be recognized and thanked for their service. If you see a man or woman with a military hat, always take time to thank them; you will be rewarded with a heartfelt smile. They have made huge sacrifices and it’s such a small thing to do.

So, all you veterans out there, please know you are appreciated; we feel honored to know you. You are truly our real heroes.

We hope to have our observances of Memorial Day (May 31) and Veterans Day (Nov. 11) next year, complete with all the new posters, to honor our veterans.

Forever our thanks.


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