Supervisors to vote on new oil and gas, parking rules 

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Perry Van Houten, Ojai Valley News senior reporter

The Ventura County Board of Supervisors may adopt new rules on oil and gas development, and on parking in the North Ventura Avenue and Crooked Palm Road areas, at its next regular meeting Nov. 10.

To view the meeting live on Tuesday, Nov. 10, visit:

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The oil and gas permitting will be discussed at 3 p.m. as Item 47 on the agenda. Click on the agenda item to read the board letter, staff recommendation and public comments.

Under the proposed zoning ordinance amendments, approved by the Ventura County Planning Commission in July, new wells operating under “antiquated permits” would be required to undergo new environmental review.

With most antiquated permits, there’s no limit on the number of wells that can be drilled, no expiration date and no stipulation on what drilling techniques can be used.

If adopted by the board, the proposed zoning ordinance amendments would establish a single, consistent process for permitting new oil and gas developments.

The new rules are backed by environmental groups but opposed by the oil and gas industry, which has argued the antiquated permits entitle them to do as they please on their property.

At the Nov. 10 meeting, county supervisors also may adopt new restrictions on parking on portions of North Ventura Avenue, Crooked Palm Road, Cañada Larga Road and Casitas Vista Road.

The number of vehicles parked in the area has tripled since the pandemic began, according to county officials.

The ordinance, introduced by 1st District Supervisor Steve Bennett and approved unanimously by the board at a public hearing and first reading in October, would restrict some areas to “no parking anytime,” some to “no overnight parking” and others to “no parking overnight, except by permit.”

To obtain a permit, a participant would be required to actively take part in a county-run parking program that includes housing support services and ensures the responsible disposal of waste, prohibits open fires, requires vehicles to be operable and registered, and requires drivers to be properly licensed.

At Tuesday’s meeting, which begins at 8:30 a.m., supervisors also will give a farewell presentation to Supervisor Bennett for his nearly 20 years of service to Ventura County.

On Nov. 3, Bennett, who has termed-out, was elected to succeed Monique Limón in the 37th Assembly District.
The board will take public comments on both the oil and gas, and the parking proposed ordinances. To view the meeting and submit comments by email, Zoom video or call-in by phone, visit


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